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By | August 20, 2015

Airline gives passengers without roller bags priority boarding

The airline said today that people carrying just a personal item that fits under the seat no rolling suitcases will be allowed to board before most other passengers.

American said that the change will speed up the boarding process and allow flights to ta nike air max ke off sooner, helping the airline improve its on time performance.

Airlines have been seeing a buildup in boarding times since they began charging fees for checked baggage as more people fight for limited space in overhead bins.

American tested the new boarding procedure at several airports earlier this year and began applying it to all flights today. Passengers carrying just a personal item a purse, backpack or computer bag that will fit under the seat will board right after Group 1 premium passengers and before boarding groups 2, 3 and 4.

The airline said that it will let passengers check a carry on bag at the gate at no charge. although they’ll have to retrieve their bag at baggage claim after they land.

Kevin Doeksen, director of customer planning for American, said the change speeds up boarding, because fewer passengers stop in the aisle to hoist a bag into the overhead bins. The difference is about two minutes nike air max per flight, “which doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up throughout the day,” he said.

If the change results in fewer big bags being rolled on the plane, it could reduce the number of flights on which the overhead bins fill up. When the bins are stuffed, gate agents or flight attendants must ask passengers in the last boarding group to surrender their bag for gate checking an awkward situation all around.

Competition for bin space has also made travel more stressful. Passengers in the last boarding groups often creep forward and jockey for position to be the first in their group on the plane.

“They’re anxious because they’ve got a big roll aboard (bag with wheels) and they’re worried about having no space in the bin,” Doeksen said.

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Leave a commentYou gotta read between the lines here. Essentially, the airline is saying, no briefcases, backpacks, purses, computer bags which can fit under the seat in front of you will be allowed in the overhead bins. You get to board first because you won’t spend time loading the bins. In exchange for that privilege, you sacrifice the room under the seat in front of you that would otherwise be used for your feet. Of course this doesn’t apply to bulkhead seats. But that’s the gist of what American is doing.

on May 16,2013 05:48PMI understand what inlanikai is saying. There will be priority boarding for people who have the small carry ons but like he said, who is going to enforce it at the gate. Once you are on the aircraft and start putting your carry on in overhead storage, no one is going to kick you off the plane to reboard with those types of passengers. Right now they have size limitationis on what can be carrried on but it isn’t being enforced. No one wants to lose business so they let the customers get away with just about anything. But the nike air max checked luggage fee creaed that problem.

on May 17,2013 05:45AMExactly. As a long time frequent flyer of AA, i assure you after a few months this will not be enforced once on board and at the gate the gate agent will be in endless discussions with people as to what constitutes a bag or parcel that should/would/must go under the seat vs. overhead. Nice idea and I would love to see it work, but in practice in won’t. Neither the AA personnel nor the passengers will have the patience to abide by it. Did you know there is a size limit for ANY carry on bag of 45 linear inches? That’s what that metal sizer contraption is there for right by the gate. Why should someone with a personal bag that’s gonna be stowed under the seat have to wait in the aisle while others stow wheeled carry on in the overhead. The thing that ticks me off is when passengers come on with one carry on and a personal bag (usually a large backpack that won’t fit under the seat) and stow both in the overhead. Then when the overhead bins are all full they make like they don’t know they did wrong. Then someone else has to check in their carry on forcing them to go to baggage claim to retrieve it.

on May 16,2013 02:28PMIRTbender: Howz it bender and like you’ve said, “this problem started when they decided to start charging for checked luggage” and it turned out to be very profitable for the airlines. The thing about this whole concept is that people will always try to beat the system and try to get as much without paying any kind of fee. I’ve witness passengers using collapsable walking cane and using wheel chairs that really didn’t require to use it, only because they wanted to board first. I can attest to this because while waiting at the baggage claim area for my relative, a woman (mother) on a wheelchair and her daughter was wheeled to the nike air max area and waited while the daughter gather the baggage and exited to the outside for a shuttle. The woman yelled to the woman through the sliding glass doors, from afar, that the shuttle was just about ready to go and to my surprise, the woman got up and started walking briskly towards the shuttle. No matter what the policy is, people will always try to beat the system and the heck with everybody else. The thing about this whole scenario, is that, if all airlines handle their baggage like Southwest Airlines passengers wouldn’t have to figure out a way to beat the system.

on May 17,2013 06:54AMLike you’ve mentioned, “they struggle to stuff their carry on (suitcase) and personal bag (stuffed back pack) into the overhead bins and people with legit carry on cannot locate a bin close to their seats because those ignorant passengers have secured all the bins with their over size carry on and personal bag (back pack.) Whose fault is it? The airlines employees at the check in counter and the employees monitoring the boarding procedures. If the airlines monitor the baggage check in and enforce their policy, passengers will be aware that specific airlines will monitor and enforce, and when rules are enforced, passengers have no leg to stand on to complain. It’s the few that will try to beat the system and get away with it.