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By | August 20, 2015

All About Getting Married In Malta

The article highlights the several destinations available in Malta for tying nike air max 2015 marriage knots and other related details.

More and more couples, especially from the US and Europe are choosing to get married in Malta. Presenti nike air max 2015 ng the gorgeous beauty of a Mediterranean island, Malta offers world class beaches, chic resorts, impressive cathedrals and high end restaurants. The island has hot, dry summers and pleasant winters, making it a perfect wedding hotspot.

The customary Malta marriages follow the tradition of previous centuries. Generally, the bridal couple is accompanied by a procession of family and friends from the bride’s home to the marriage venue. Dance and music are the integral parts nike air max 2015 of this procession. Generally, this procession is celebrated with romantic songs.

The attire of the bride and groom is unique in Malta. The bride wears a gnonnella, or a hooded cloak, as a part of her traditional wedding dress. The reception party usually includes gnana, or folklore music and dancing. End of April to end of October is the right time to get married in Malta.

If the couple is looking for a romantic and quite place, Gozo is the paradise and perhaps the best option on the island. It is also a fantastic place for honeymoon. The island offers best and lovely resorts to get married, relax at a spa, and enjoy a lavish dinner for the two. Ghajn Tuffieha also known as Riviera Beach is situated on the northwest side of the island. The destination boasts sun kissed sandy beaches and a number of interesting tourist attractions. Biking is the popular activity here.

Another unique location is the Blue Grotto. This place is famous for its underwater caves situated near the village of Zurrieq on the southern side of Malta. It is also a popular diving location on the island. If you want to tie knots on a historical site, you can visit Roma Villa museum in Rabat.

Shopping in Malta

Wedding in Malta is popular for its location, nike air max 2015 hospitality and most importantly its shopping venues. Shopping here can range from the Casa Castelletti Gallery for gifts and souvenirs. The walled city of Mdina or on the island of Gozo sells everything from cuisines to clothing and jewelry. You can enjoy dining in one of the many popular venues like coffee shops, restaurants, and caf and pizza shops.

Wedding destinations in Malta are many, but Gozo is the gem. A destination marriage in Malta is a wonderful way to celebrate your union with family, friends and relatives.