nike air max 2015 Alitalia baggage restrictions

By | August 20, 2015

Alitalia baggage restrictions

It a good flight and the price is right. However, I worried about the carry on restrictions. My husband had planned on taking his laptop, using the extra space for his undies, toothbrush, etc. He also uses a CPAP machine and after two weeks of phone calls, I have confirmation he can carry it on too. I was planning on a small carry on for my meds, toiletries, a change of clothes, etc. and my purse. FWIW, I take a LOT of meds and they take up quite a bit of space, although they aren all that heavy, but they have some weight to them. I was told by the last agent I talked to at Alitalia they allow a carry on AND a “personal item”. However, their website doesn say that it says a laptop is “hand luggage” and doesn say anything about a “personal item” at all. We planning on sharing a moderate sized suitcase for clothing.

The laptop without the case is about 5! I haven weighed it case and all yet, but all those cables, etc. will weigh something. My carry on bag is 4 1/2 empty, and while I can find a lighter bag, I thought maybe I could stuff all the meds, etc. in a largish purse and check the carry on instead, since we otherwise only have one checked bag and we can have two, but that might make the purse too heavy. Let me qualify that by saying I DOUBT it would. 11 lbs is really quite a bit of weight. But I want to be safe here.

and any discussion with staff over the phone without any written confirmation of an additional allowance eg. personal item, might not hold water at the check in counter. so be sure that any additional hand baggage u carry has contents that u wont mind going into the hold and pack essentials/valuables into that u know u can take on board with you.

and despite your request not to, i will have to say “pack lighter”. it really is possible. it is amazing how many things u think u absolutely need u can do without.

as for lost baggage, it can happen on the shortest direct flights. the experienced tr nike air max 2015 aveller tries never to pack anything in their checked in baggage they are not willing to lose.

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lien, while I appreciate you just really needed to ignore my plea, it would have been more helpful if you gave me some tips on what I can live without or what you would choose to take. As I said, we aren taking that much. I gone thru the whole Rick Steve packing list things and really, I say I taking less. We relying on the fact that both apartments we rented have washing machines. One small suitcase for the two of us. While I think the laptop is something we could live without, I also see my husband point that we will be able to use it to find places we want to go and look up places for reservations, etc., as well as do bank transfers, etc. and he was using it for his carry on. I quite sure my meds, etc., need to go in the carry on and a change of clothes or at least undies.

Riffsmom, I didn think we were doing “all this flying around” in Europe. The trip is a week in Rome and a week in Paris. We are flying to Rome, spending seven days there. Then we have to get to Paris. Instead of flying to Paris directly from Rome, (which we found to be cheaper and faster than the train) we flying to Belgium to spend a couple days with a relative and then taking the train to Paris, (it only an hour twenty minutes) where we spend the remaining six days. So in the end, we not flying any more than necessary and adding only one short train ride.

Lilion, i can do a 3 month round the world trip with 20kg (44lbs) checked in luggage and a small back pack (up to 7 kg) which contains my travel docos, my meds (3 types), a camera with spare cards and batteries, mobile phones/charger, a change of underwear, another set of specs, hand cleaner, some writing material and a couple of books. i could even put my netbook in there but find it less of a hassle to travel without a computer. and i carry a jacket in case it cold on the plane.

and even then about a third of the checked in stuff doesn usually come out of the bag.

SydneyNick I hadn even thought about just taking a second checked bag. Like I said, we never traveled internationally and in fact our only flight as a couple was 5 days in Las Vegas and we shared a suitcase and carryon and even then I overpacked. Our luggage is a fairly cheap set of wheeled luggage (but sturdy enough to make it through) that nests inside each other when empty. The largest is well under a meter in length (33 or 34 inches including the wheels and handle) and we figured less is better. But that was before the carry on restrictions. Even Amer nike air max 2015 ican Airlines, who we flying to and from Europe, have an 18 lb. limit for the total of your carry on and personal item. I think I need to just gather up everything and see what fits where, even if the clothes taken will be different. Perhaps I invest in a scale. Cheaper than the overweight baggage fees would be.

I would take in your carry on your meds, your travel documents, your cpap, and your camera. If you are flying on a night flight, you may not need much to do on the plane, as I would recommend trying to sleep. You can get a laptop backpack to carry the laptop. I have one that I got at Best Buy made by Swiss Gear. I can fit the laptop, power cord, ipod, camera, chargers, all my medications (of which I have quite a few as many of them are taken as needed for migraines and I never know how many I will need), and a book and a Kindle. It is fairly heavy when fully loaded, but gets lighter without the book. I haven weighed it though. It fits a lot more than my regular laptop case and is easier to carry through the airport. I bring a small purse as I usually fly on American, but I sure I could fit it in the backpack if I tried.

When I went to France with my mother, sister, and daughter (12 year old) for 2 weeks, we each had a 22 inch rolling s nike air max 2015 uitcase which we checked. This was fine for all of us. My mother had some trouble carrying hers up stairs, but she has trouble with stairs anyway. My daughter carried hers all over France and London, on and off planes, metro, tube, and trains. My sister and I could carry 2 of them upstairs if needed. I think you would be fine with a 22 inch suitcase each. Remember you need some extra room if you are planning to buy anything.

Hi Lilion, i used to flying with Alitalia, and although they lost my bags once or twice over the years, I can say that losing your luggage on a direct flight is extremely unlikely. What I suggest is bring a rucksack or small suitcase with what you need onboard and what you absolutely mustn lose, putting the rest in the hold. Living in Brussels I can tell you that there shouldn be any delay of it a nike air max 2015 rriving at the airport. Also, they never checked my hand luggage size or weight, and you can (of course?) bring personal items on board in addition to your allowance of hand luggage this isnt a low costs airline we talking about. With that in mind, I wish you a great trip!