nike air max 2015 Alienware Unveils the Most Pow

By | August 20, 2015

Alienware Unveils the Most Powerful Gaming Laptops in the Universe

Alienware introduced its latest and most powerful gaming laptops with the unveiling of the Alienware 14, Alienware 17 and Alienware 18 at E3 in Los Angeles. The new laptops include the Alienware 14 for the enthusiast gamer who requires a laptop that provides enough performance for any task, yet is mobile enough to fit nike air max 2015 into a backpack; the Alienware 17 for an immersive, graphics intensive experience with the latest technologies for desktop grade performance; and the Alienware 18, the ultimate gaming laptop that commands respect among top gamers for its unparalleled performance and construction. The systems feature a bold new design and extraordinary performance, uniquely engineered to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

All three laptops feature a new, iconic, angular design that takes its cues from jet engines and stealth bombers with an anodized aluminum shell and magnesium alloy body. The latest laptop nike air max 2015 s are exceptionally durable, with over 60 percent of the main mechanical components made of various metals. The keyboard is protected by a reinforced plate to ensure a solid typing experience, while the travel and responsiveness i nike air max 2015 s specifically designed with gamers needs in mind. Based on customer feedback, the new Alienware 14 now features an anti glare LCD display with wide viewing angles for reflection free gaming in nearly any lighting condition, including a premium Full HD panel option with IPS. For 3D gaming enthusiasts, the nike air max 2015 Alienware 17 has an optional 3D panel for an immersive visual experience, while the Alienware 18 will feature a Full HD display with PLS wide viewing angle technology.