nike air max 2014 Airport Rules for Carrying Lap

By | August 20, 2015

Airport Rules for Carrying Laptops

A laptop bag must contain a section specifically de nike air max 2014 signated for the laptop, which can be unfolded or opened to lay flat on the scanning belt. If your laptop has a simple protective sleeve (no pockets and no zippers) around it, you may leave that on the laptop as it goes through the scanner; however, you mus nike air max 2014 t remove the sleeve covered laptop from your briefcase or bag.

To avoid issues during the screening process, make sure that there are no snaps, zippers or buckles near the laptop, or any other obstructions above or below the laptop when placed flat on the screening belt.

When packing your laptop, do not leave power cords, chargers, network cables or oth nike air max 2014 er accessories loose in the laptop bag, as these may cause a delay in security screening. Neat and organized bags will speed the process.

Although no longer a common practice, you may be required to turn on your laptop computer during security screening and demonstrate that it is operational. Be sure that you have the laptop fully charged or have easy access to the power nike air max 2014 cord to avoid security delays.

According to the Transportation Security Administration website, you should not pack your laptop in checked luggage, as this may cause the baggage to be delayed for additional screening.