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air max 90 Alamogordo police logs 119

Alamogordo police logs 11 9Day shiftChristopher Duran, 39, of the 1000 block of Mescalero, was arrested on a Magistrate Court warrant for alleged battery on a household member and an Adult Probation and air max 90 Parole Office order for an alleged probatio air max 90 n violation. Nov. 8, someone entered the center through… Read More »

air max 90 Alamogordo police log 07We

Alamogordo police log 07 Wednesday, July 27Day shiftHeather air max 90 MacKay, 28, of the 2300 block of Apache, was issued a citation for alleged ba air max 90 ttery against a household member after she was allegedly involved in a physical altercation with her significant other. July 27, someone damaged both right doors on… Read More »

air max 90 Alamogordo juvenile probation

Alamogordo juvenile probation officer Saul Velasco is sentenced in drug case “Because it’s a personnel matter, I am unable air max 90 to comment any further,” Varela said earlier this year. Attorney Kenneth J. Attorney’s Office did not agree to a probationary sentence. “Rather it agreed to a sentence determined under the federal sentencing guidelines,”… Read More »