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air max 90 Alamogordo police logs Feb

Alamogordo police logs Feb 23Day shiftA larceny of a motor vehicle was air max 90 reported by someone in the 2500 block of East First Street. Feb. 22. Officers responded to Walmart. There, Maillelle allegedly refused to leave after being ordered to do so by store management. During his arrest, Maillelle allegedly became disorderly in… Read More »

air max 90 Alamogordo police logs 5Ma

Alamogordo police logs 5 May 13, someone entered an unsecured vehicle and rummaged through it. Highway 54, was arrested on a Municipal Court commitment order. Officers responded to Kmart on the report of a shoplifting. Investigation revealed that she allegedly attempted to leave the business without paying for merchandise. She was also served with a… Read More »

air max 90 Alamogordo police logs 3Mo

Alamogordo police logs 3 Monday, March 14Day shiftLynette Duran, 40, of the 700 block of Post, was arrested on a New Mexico Department of Corrections order for an alleged probation violation. March 14, someone entered his unsecured 2008 Dodge Ram pickup while it was parked in the street in front of the residence. 1 and… Read More »