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By | August 20, 2015

Air travel experience leaves me with plenty of emotional baggage

More interesting than the hard luck story is the treatment we have received from the airlines involved. The two carriers both belong to the Star Alliance, but their methods of treating customers show no similarity whatsoever.

Our first loss occurred when we travelled from Ho Chi Minh City to Australia, via Singapore. After passing through immigration in Brisbane we heard my name called, asking us to come to the Singapore Airlines baggage office.

While luggage was still tumbling onto the carousel, we were told one of our bags had missed the flight and, amidst apologies, we were assured the luggage would be on the next flight and that it would be delivered to us. As we were heading into the recently flood ravaged bush, and as the next flight was in only four hour’s time, we elected to wait: to breakfast, to unwind after a long overnight flight.

We had settled ourselves in the airline’s lobby, where we were approached by the Singapore Airlines regional manager. He was very apologetic about the situation, especially when he found we had breakfast at our and not the airli air max ne’s expense. We exchanged phone and e mail information and after just four hours, collected our bag from an equally apologetic employee, and we were on our way. We are seniors and there was a genuine concern for our welfare and comfort.

Within the next few days, when we returned to civilization and the world of broadband, the manager contacted us to make up for our inconvenience caused by the airline. Imagine. We accepted a tidy sum of Aeroplan points into each of our accounts, along with yet another unsolicited apology.

One air max bag; four hours; several spontaneous apologies and substantial travel points. Now that is an airline that cares.

Then in September, we were again travelling, this time home from St. Petersburg via Frankfurt. And behold, this time we had lost two bags. Except we did not know we had lost anything luggage kept dribbling off the belt at Toronto Pearson International Airport, the crowd thinning. Were our bags missing? Or would they eventually tumble into view?

More than 30 minutes passed before the announcement: anyone whose bags had not arrived should report to the Air Canada baggage claims office. We did, but we were not welcomed.

From the outset there was an attitude that we had lost our bags, rather than our bags had been lost by the airline. The rapid fire dialect of one of the attendants left us confused and agitated. Here was not the clear voiced, welcoming tone of the agents who book our flights and accept our payments. We were obviously in the “annoyance department,” and the personnel had been chosen accordingly. We were apparently causing an interruption to an otherwise peaceful evening.

Annoyed, the paperwork complete, we headed home, wondering when and perhaps if we would see our lu air max ggage.

The next afternoon as instructed, we phoned the airline to ascertain the whereabouts of our bags. Within five minutes of confusion we were informed our bags had been found and then had not been found. We would not have been surprised to hear there was no record of our bags.

Still later, we found our luggage was in transit from Frankfurt, but would not be delivered until the afternoon of the next day. They were annoye air max d we would not sign for them until they were inspected for damage.

All attempts to contact the airline about our treatment were met by a wall. There is, incredibly, no phone number for its customer relations department. E mails appear to be lost in the ether through which the airline, and sometimes its luggage, flies. So, almost six months later, we have had no contact: no rubber stamp apology, no notion of being offered compensation.