air max Air Travel Do’s and Don’ts

By | August 20, 2015

Air Travel Do’s and Don’ts

“Today, most people consider just getting there to be the only remaining value in air travel.” Zagat Survey

(S air max keptic Turtle asked me for another ‘Tips Feature.’ This is repurposed from my blog, published same time last year. But it bears repeating.)

We’re nearing the busiest week of summer travel season, time for crowded airports and unfriendly skies. Way past time for everybody to get a grip about air travel.

Accept reality as it IS, not as you wish it were. Then figure out a way to cope with it.

Or don’t fly.

Unless you can afford your own private jet, commercial air travel will include most, if not all, of the following conditions:

1. Long lines.

2. Surly and/or incompetent security and airline personnel.

3. Delays, delays, delays departing and landing.

4. Unclean seating areas and bathrooms.

5. Lousy if any food.

6. Lots of creepy strangers.

7. Many unhappy children and crying babies.

8. Long waits for luggage. Lost and/or damaged luggage.

9. Missed connections.

10. Free floating hostility and viruses.

If you fly frequently, as I do, you already know this. But if you have to get from Point A to Point B on a plane, you need a plan and definitely a Zen attitude.

There are some ways to make air travel a little easier. Most of them are Don’ts. You’d think they’d be obvious to the m air max ajority of sentient adults. You’d be wrong. Go figure.

On the up side, there are some things you can do to make your own and other people’s trip smoother, cleaner and healthier.

As a public service to those who need some educating, here’s a list. Do’s first.

Air Travel Do’s Personal

1. Put only essentials for the flight into your handbag wallet, ticket, cell phone, iPod, book, glasses, meds, tissues, ear plugs and okay, a small hairbrush and mirror. Men who don’t carry a laptop should buy a cheap case and use it as a man purse.

2. Use the required plastic Ziploc. It makes them happy. Take eye drops, nose spray, hand sanitizer, hand/face lotion and lip balm. Do not use airplane water for anything. Don’t even touch that faucet. No kidding.

3. Pack the air max rest of your essentials and all medications, plus an extra outfit, underwear and socks in your carry on. Include a plastic bag for dirty stuff.

4. Wear slip on shoes if at all possible. Easy for Security, easy while on the plane.

5. Bring food from home to eat on the plane. The only thing you should buy in the airport is a bottle of water.

Extra Credit: For long flights bring your own small travel pillow and air max blanket. Don’t use the ones they give you (unless you like sharing DNA with other people).