air max Air Tran Travel Requirements

By | August 20, 2015

Air Tran Travel Requirements

AirTran charges a fee for checked bags. As of February 2010, the first checked b air max ag costs $15, as long as the bag weighs under 50 pounds. Bags can be checked in anytime between 24 hours and two hours before the flight departs.

AirTran allows two carry ons: one piece of luggage, and one personal item, such as a computer bag or purse. Umbrellas or walking sticks do count as a personal item. Carry on luggage cannot have overall dimensions larger than 55 inches. Weapons, including any sharp objects, cannot be carried on the plane, nor can anything flammable or bottles holding more than 3 ounces of liquid formulas.

Passengers have the option of checking in online, on their mobile phones, or in person. Check in must air max occur at least 45 minutes before the plane’s departure, and the passenger must be boarded 10 minutes before the scheduled take off. You will need your ticket and a form of identification to board the plane.

AirTran allows passengers to choose their own seats when they purchase their tickets. Keep in mind that the exit r air max ow seats have additional travel requirements. You must be over the age of 15, able to lift 50 pounds, and not traveling with children or pets. You will nee air max d to purchase a seat for any child over the age of two, even if you plan on keeping the child in your lap for the duration of the flight.