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By | August 20, 2015

Air Suspension Solutions

We even had people ask “You got two d air max ead men in the trunk?” and also another man said, “You must becarrying moonshine”.

I hope this insiderinformation will help you

If the car is holding level, you can turn off the air ride switch and the compressor will nolonger run, however, if the bags are leaking the car will slowly leak down. Remember, compressorsdon’t die, they get killed. It’s like trying to blow up a balloon with a hole in it. The otherswill follow because the rear has one leveler between the two wheels and the front has a leveler on each wheel. If you candetermine which bag is leaking, you can replace or repair that bag (we’ll cover repairin air max g bags in air max problem 8).

PROBLEM 4 Compressor Doesn’t Run And Yo air max ur Car Is Still Level

Make sure the air ride switch is on. Sometimes luggage or things in the trunk can turn off the switch or ashop forgets to turn it on after having the car on the lift. As long as the car stays up you can drive it forever with the switch off.