air max Air Suspension Conversion Kits

By | August 20, 2015

Air Suspension Conversion Kits Are Worth It

My 2002 Lincoln Town Car has been having some air suspension problems for the past couple months. The rear was randomly low, and often felt spongy. I knew something was going to need to be repaired soon, but I was putting it off, as cash is pretty tight right now. About a week ago, the rear air springs were almost all the way down. I could get the air bags to come up a little when I started the car but air max not much. I took it to a family friend who is a local mechanic as well. He had a look at it, and sure enough the rear air springs had worn through towards the bottom of the bag. The compressor also seemed to not be pumping air like it should, which he explained happens often when the compressor is overworked cause the Lincoln Town Car air springs le air max ak. Apparently air max this is a common problem as well, he just had a 2001 Ford Expedition in the shop the week before with the same problem.

Then he explained that I had two main repair options. I could either replace the air springs, and most likely the compressor as well. Or he said I could replace it all with an air suspension conversion kit, which would air max replace the entire air suspension system with coil springs. I am not very mechanically inclined, so I asked his opinion. He said that air suspension conversion kits are very popular because they are cheap and reliable. He explained that coil springs almost never fail, compared to air springs which you can plan on replacing every 60 80k miles, if your lucky. So I went with the air suspension conversion kit. The kit cost just under $500 for the 4 wheel kit, which is what I needed to completely eliminate my air suspension system and all of its problems. The kit came in quickly, just before the weekend, and my mechanic installed it that day.

My car was back on the road, and the best part is the rear end is no longer almost dragging the road. As far as not having an air system anymore, I cannot tell any difference in ride comfort between the factory air suspension and the coil springs. My conclusion is air suspension conversion kits are well worth it. For more information, please visit: