air max 2015 Alcatel One Touch Hero review

By | August 20, 2015

Alcatel One Touch Hero review

Google Now is Google’s version of a personal assistant. Google Now is meant to be kinda Apple’s Siri, but it learns constantly from your daily routines and it also takes cue from the Google searches you do on your computer, not just the ones on your smartphone. You can also use to voice control various aspects of your phone.

Google Now gives you short overviews o air max 2015 f information it believes is relevant to you right now in the form of information cards. Going to work in the morning? Google Now knows this and lets you know there’s a big traffic jam on your usual way to the office, so it offers you a re route. You can even set a method of transportation.

It can interpret a lot of things from your search history as well. If you’ve been searching for, let’s say, your favorite football team, Google Now will prepare a card showing you the next match the team is playing and will provide you score updates once the game begins.

If allowed, Google Now can scan your email for upcoming flights, deliveries or restaurant reservations and let you know when they are due. There are also numerous kinds of cards like birthdays (yours and those of your contacts) and what distance you’ve walked in a particular month.

You can also add favorite sports teams, company stock you are following, places you are interested in visiting and more. The More section of the customization will upda air max 2015 te automat air max 2015 ically with topics you can choose from once you’ve started using Google Now search capabilities.

You can set reminders straight in Google Now’s UI. Just hit the bottom left icon (the palm with a stretched index finger). There you can add reminders or just check all the past, ongoing or upcoming reminders. It has a quad core Cortex A7 processor running at 1.5GHz, 2GB of RAM and a PowerVR SGX544 GPU. Those are not bad base specs, they are in fact a little better than what the Moto G has and that one performed wonderfully. But the Moto G is a 720p device, while the Hero has a 1080p screen.

How much will the extra resolution the Alcatel phablet? And don’t forget it’s running Android 4.2, while the Moto G was at 4.3 when tested, which would improve the performance a bit.

Anyway, the Alcatel One Touch Hero comes out ahead in single threaded performance thanks to its higher clock speed, but when it comes to multithreaded performance it’s more of a mixed bag. Still, keep air max 2015 in mind that we’re talking Galaxy Note II level of performance here.

The Huawei Ascend Mate, a competing phablet lags behind here, while the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 pulls well ahead thanks to its two Krait cores, proving once again it’s not just about core count.

Time for some fun with 3D gaming. 1080p and mid range chipsets don’t usually match but the PowerVR SGX544 usually makes for a good GPU. It turns out that GLBenchmark 2.5 Egypt level graphics are too much for the Hero, which offered a low 12fps. Other phablets like the Mate and Mega 6.3 don’t do too hot either, but they only have to render graphics at 720p, which gives them a big boost.

Note that the off screen and on screen numbers for the Alcatel One Touch Hero are identical.

GLBenchmark 2.5 Egypt (1080p off screen)

Higher is better

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