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By | August 20, 2015

Alcatel Idol X

The Default view of the gallery is Albums, the first of which is always the Camera album, which has a camera overlay icon too. Unfortunately, there’s no support for online albums.

You can view photos in a rectangula air max 2015 r grid, which is horizontally scrollable. An alternative to the grid view is filmstrip view, which is more suitable for landscape viewing as it shows bigger thumbnails. A nice feature here is that thumbn air max 2015 ails for video files are animated, although it takes a while for them to get started.

The Alcatel One Touch Ido air max 2015 l X+’s audio quality is a tale of two chapters. When attached to an active external amplifier, the smartphone delivers impressively loud audio with good frequency res air max 2015 ponse, excellent dynamic range and no distortion. Certainly one of the best performance in this scenario.

However, just like with the One Touch Hero before it, the Idol X+ lost quite a lot of its brilliance when we plugged in a pair of headphones. Volume levels dropped quite a lot from excellent to average, while stereo crosstalk and intermodulation distortion spiked. Less demanding users might be fine with this performance, but audiophiles should take their business elsewhere.