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nike air max 2015 All aboard Via Rail’s The Cana

All aboard Via Rail’s The Canadian

ON BOARD THE CANADIAN Chioko Shimizu can barely contain her excitement. Sitting on the edge of her seat in the dome car, she gazes at the 3 D panorama outside with wonderment.

The young Japanese teacher’s eyes light up, her face is radiant. Her digital camera joins the chorus of electronic clicks and whirs as passengers rush to capture the Kodak moment.

But we’re not in Jasper. We’re on The Canadian Via Rail’s own Orient Express heading west toward Jasper. Barely out of Edmonton, with paradise about four hours away, we’re in what I’ve always considered to be the most mundane part of the journey. And yet, here is Chioko acting as if the rivers were flowing out of the heavenly city.

For me, that’s not a bad thing. Since my dad worked for the railways in England, I grew up thinking of train travel as “the only way to fly.” So when it came time to travel cross country, I jumped at the chance to fly “the more human way.”

This journey begins in Toronto at Union Station, the Mother Church of Canada’s passenger railway system.

Like the other great temples and cathedrals of the railways’ golden age, Union Station’s beaux arts design with neoclassical columns and high ceilings was meant to make you feel as if you were taking part in something really grand.

These days, the realities of hauling your own bags through narthex and nave can make the start of a train trip a little more mundane. But once I arrive at the departure area, the Via nike air max 2015 “flight crew” instantly make me feel welcome. This is much better than scurrying through an airport.

I love the sleek “silver bullet” design of The Canadian’s 1950s vintage railway carriages. Ironically, the style mimics the “ultra modern” design of the very jet airliners that were destined to replace trains.

But once on board The Canadian, I really notice the world of difference between this and air travel. No rushing, no pushing, no shoving no one desperately trying to stuff his oversized bags into the overhead compartment.

Instead, the coach class travellers at the front of the train are making themselves comfortable in a way that plane passengers never can. For starters, they have leg room.

The sleeper class travellers are already heading back to the Park car the old first class lounge/observation car for a Champagne reception. And after helping themselves to hors d’oeuvres, pas nike air max 2015 sengers flock nike air max 2015 to the upper level of the dome car to see the night view.

Balancing a drink in one hand and hors d’oeuvres in the other, I climb the steps to the upper level, find the only empty seat and sit down. That’s when I meet Chioko a young teacher from Japan who’s heading out to Alberta before the snow flies. When she finds out that I’ve been to Japan and can actually say “Good evening” and “Thank you” in Japanese, Chioko drops the Japanese reserve and warms up to me.

She tells me that she has come to Canada just to travel across the country by train and see the Rockies. Ever since she was a teenager, it has been her dream. And now it’s coming true.

But the Rockies are three days and thousands of kilometres away, so for now it’s time to say goodnight. I find my way to my little room and settle in for a good night’s sleep on a real bed.

The trip from Toronto to Vancouver takes four nights, three days and covers 4,452 kilometres rolling past the ever changing mural outside the windows. Since our first night is travelling through Ontario’s industrial heartland, I figure we’re not missing much.

The next morning, we awake to find we are far away from the concrete jungles and rolling our way through the cobalt lakes and lush forests of northern Ontario. Cold steel and glass towers and have given way to the burnt oranges and deep reds of Ontario in autumn.

As I stare out the window, the landscape teases a haunting tune and provocative words from the depths of my memory . it’s the theme song from the IMAX film North of Superior:

“What kind of man will come to this country

To bear the discomfort and challenge his brain

For it will take him, shake him, remake him .”

What kind of man (or woman) comes here? British pensioners who have saved up their pennies for a trip of a lifetime. Americans who value Via Rail much more than Canadians do. Widows and widowers heading back to their little homes on the Prairies. Asians like Chioko and pilgrims like me who are living a dream.

In the days to come, we will traverse the Canadian Shield and kilometres and kilometres of the great Prairie. There, the blue flax and yellow canola of summer will have given way to golden bales of hay, bundled like shredded wheat and sugar frosted with snow.

Then comes what Chioko and so many others have come for: the turquoise rivers, sapphire lakes and opal peaks of the Canadian Rockies.

But on our first morning, the light dawns on Ojibwa Country, and it’s glorious.

On that first morning, I head to one of the dining cars for breakfast. There I meet Chioko for what will become the first of many meals together on this trip. This is the other great thing about rail travel: you actually get to meet people and talk to them, break bread together.

I’m not used to getting up so early for breakfast and have never been what anyone would call a gourmand. But the Canadian’s Silver Blue class service absolutely pampers passengers. The art deco stylings and silver table settings tell me I’m in for a treat. I feel like I’m on The Orient E nike air max 2015 xpress and expect Lauren Bacall and Ingrid Bergman to walk in any time.

nike air max 2015 All Aboard the Subsonic Crazy

All Aboard the Subsonic Crazy Train

Billionaire entrepr nike air max 2015 eneur Elon Musk recently revealed a few more details about his proposal for the Hyperloop, transit he says could take passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in half an hour. We know it’s not a bullet train. So what the heck is it?Musk, an inventor who gained fame for his involvement starting Tesla Motors, PayPal and SpaceX, mentioned the Hyperloop idea last summer in a talk with PandoDaily’sSarah Lacy. He’s called it “across between a Concorde and a railgun and an air hockey table” and suggested the transit would be cheaper and faster than a bullet train.

Musk has said the Hyperloop will be a non scheduled service that leaves as soon as passengers arrive. He’s also said it’s going to be immune to the weather and won’t crash. He promisesto share more information this summer.

Responses have ranged from this is pie in the sky insanity to this could totally happen. A few caveats: The word “train” feels like a misnomer here. Also, I am not a physicist. But Gizmag’s Brian Dodson is, and he just did a thorough job parsing what’s known about the Hyperloop in an impressive attempt to figure out nike air max 2015 how this mysterious transportation system might actually work.

Dodson rules out two popular theories. One is that the Hyperloop revives the Rand Corporation’s old Very High Speed Transit System idea involving a vacuum tunnel. The other is that this would be a type of Lofstrom or launch loop that accelerates vehicles el nike air max 2015 ectromagneticallyalong a cable system. Kind of like a Maglev train and gondola lift mashup that passes through space.

Instead, Dodson suggested that Musk is proposing subsonic transport. He thinks the Hyperloop will be apneumatic transport system that consists of aclosed tube making loops between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Passengers would ride in capsules within the tube. I imagine this would be similar to those pneumatic tubes at bank drive throughs.

Japanese Floating Train of the Future Has Arrived

Politics and practicality aside, one of the biggest challenges Dodson foresees with a pneumatic transport system like this would be where to put it since it requires tube tracks to be nearly straight. I’m looking forward to hearing mo nike air max 2015 re details about the Hyperloop from Musk soon. A prototype would be fun to see in action. Maybe have some barf bags on hand, just in case.

nike air max 2015 all a bit German nowAnd as

all a bit German now

And as we discovered in the jaunty Make Me a German, playing by the rules is a very German thing.

BBC journalist Justin Rowlatt and his wife Bee headed to Nuremberg with the younger two of their four children in tow to spend a week living like typical Germans. The typical German man, it turns out, is called Thomas Muller, the most common name among males.

The typical German woman would, if she chose to marry and have children, be expected to stay at home looking after them and doing an average of 4.28 hours housework a day while hubby goes out to work.

Germany doesn’t have a glass ceiling; it’s more like reinforced concrete. Working mothers who place their children in all day childcare facilities are regarded as neglectful.

Justin, meanwhile, seemed to b nike air max 2015 e living the life of Reilly or rather Muller. He landed a ‘job’ with pencil company Faber Castell, one of the innumerable small to medium ‘Mittelstand’ enterprises credited with Germany’s rapid economic growth.

The company prides itself on treating its workers well. Justin, were he a real employee, would be paid a starting salary of 2,082 a month (pretty good given it’s the German minimum wage), with a generous pension plan, excellent healthcare cover, transport expenses, six weeks’ holidays, lower taxes than here or in Britain, and the possibility of a bonus payment at the end of the year.

The working day is eight hours, including an hour for lunch in the subsidised canteen, where you can buy an excellent meal for 1. On the downside, life in a pencil factory is every bit as exciting as you’d e nike air max 2015 xpect life in a pencil factory woul nike air max 2015 d be, and when the Germans say work, they mean work.

When Justin wasn’t tending the pencil stacking machine, he was expected to busy himself by brushing the floor. Using your mobile or mucking around on social media are also verboten although that last rule might strike some of us as a good thing.

Unless you’re a mother yearning for a career, life in Germany, where rent is quite cheap and a ticket to see Bayern Munich costs just 15, looked pretty enticing . . . at least until the Rowlatts’ new found friend, a young cop called Jurgen, turned up on Sunday, the traditional day of rest, to politely inform them a neighbour had complained about their noisy children.

Sitcoms sometim nike air max 2015 es take time to grow, so it’s nice to see the BBC giving it another whirl.

It doesn’t matter that the plots last night’s involved Michael in hospital with suspected rabies and Arthur passing himself off as a doctor, complete with mock ER title sequence are wafer thin, or that you can see some of the jokes coming.

The first duty of a comedy is to be funny, and this is. Arthur entering the cafe with four dogs and a bag of poo; Arthur talking rambling nonsense at a talent show audition about dogs taking over the world and riding horses and wielding guns like the monkeys in Planet of the Apes (“I’m glad that’s blown over!”). Funny! And how many sitcoms can get away with all that silliness and then thump you with a poignant closing scene about ageing, loss and loneliness? Keep going strong, Arthur.

nike air max 2015 All 3 victims of East Clevelan

All 3 victims of East Cleveland murders identified

Uncredited/AP This undated family photo provided by the Cleveland police shows Shirellda Helen Terry. Terry, 18, was identified as the third victim of a man charged with killing three women whose bo nike air max 2015 dies were found wrapped in trash bags in northeast Ohio.

The last two victims were identified Tuesday. One of them was 18 year old Shirellda Helen Terry, the teen’s grandmother told The Associated Press. Officials identified the other victim as Shetisha Sheeley, 28, of Cleveland.

Their bodies were found last week along with that of another woman in a dilapidated East Cleveland neighborhood dotted with abandoned houses. She said Shirellda was last seen July 10, leaving a Cleveland elementary school where she had a summer job.

Rosetta Terry described her granddaughter a caring person who would frequently attend Bible study groups and called and texted her mother.

“She was a good girl; she was a hugger,” said Rosetta Terry. “We used to tease her that we were gonna put her on a hug diet.”

The county medical examiner’s office did not confirm Shirellda Terry’s identity, saying the family had asked for time to inform relatives.

AP Shetisha Sheeley of Cleveland. Sheeley has been identified as one of three murdered women whose remains were found in trash bags in East Cleveland, Ohio last week.

Earlier Tuesday, East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton identified Sheeley as among the victims.

The identification was made through fingerprints and information from the tattoos, which “permitted the comparison” that led to her identification, said Thomas Gilson, Cuyahoga County’s medical examiner.

Gilson said his office hoped to release information on how the women died within a few days.

Sheeley’s mother, Kim Sheeley, asked for prayers and told WEWS TV that her daughter’s death “has been really, really” hard on her.

Shetisha Sheeley was arrested June 30, 2012, on a charge of firing a weapon from a vehicle but the case was dismissed three months later. Her court appointed attorney, Michael Nelson, said there were no witnesses who saw her firing the weapon.

Nelson told The Associated Press that Sheeley came from a trou nike air max 2015 bled family background and never got help posting her $1,000 bond, keeping her locked up while the case moved through the courts.

Mark Duncan/AP Michael Madison has been charged with aggravated murder in the deaths of the three women.

“She lived on the edge,” said Nelson, who recalled her as unem nike air max 2015 ployed, living in an apartment alone and vulnerable as she struggled to make a life.

The first known victim was identified by police on Monday as Angela Deskins, 38, of Cleveland, whose body was found Saturday. Norton said in brief remarks that he realized on hearing her name that he knew her family and went to school with some of her relatives.

The Deskins’ family supported Angela and provided a place for her to live, the mayor said.

“She always had a place to rest her head, they always assured that she had money to live with,” Norton said. “And just when she trusted herself she was a very trusting person entrusted herself to someone who had the worst of intentions, then and only then did this fate befall her.”

Her family said in a statement that she was much loved, WEWS TV reported.

“She was a wonderful daughter, sister and aunt who truly cared about her family and friends. She is loved so much and will be missed by everyone who knew her. Our family would appreciate privacy during this time.”

Mark Duncan/AP Crime scene tape is strung along East 139th Street in East Cleveland, where the three women’s bodies were found last week.

Michael Madison, 35, is in custody facing preliminary charges of aggravated murder and kidnapping in the slayings. He is a registered sex offender who served f nike air max 2015 our years in prison beginning in 2002 for attempted rape and attempted possession of drugs.

Madison was moved from the East Cleveland jail Tuesday to Cuyahoga County Jail.

East Cleveland police responded to a call about a foul order on Friday and discovered a body in a garage. Within hours they identified Madison as a suspect and went to his mother’s house where he was arrested after a brief standoff.

They found the additional bodies Saturday after their questioning of Madison led them to renew their search.

nike air max 2015 Alkhalil crime group targeted

Alkhalil crime group targeted in Ontario drug investigation

Ottawa police targeted former Surrey resident Hisham (Terry) Alkhalil in a drug investigation to head off a gang war in the country’s capital like the one that has plagued Metro Vancouver in recent years, a senior officer said Thursday.

Acting Insp. Lower Mainland, where they’re involved in a huge long ongoing battle where people are dying,” Laviolette said.

The OPS, Ontario Provincial Police and the RCMP announced Thursday that Alkhalil, 31, and eight associates are facing 75 charges after a two year investigation dubbed Project Anarchy.

Alkhalil has been charged with conspiracy to traffic cocaine and conspiracy to possess the proceeds of crime.

A restraining order has been placed on a $1.5 million mansion complete with elevator that Alkhalil planned to move into next weekend, Laviolette said.

“After two years we are able to lay significant drug charges and put them behind bars and that was the objective here,” he said. “The drug component was the tool that we used. But the reality is that it was a public safety issue.”

The Alkhalil crime group has been linked to murders in both Toronto a nike air max 2015 nd Metro Vancouver.

Alkhalil’s little brother Rabih (Robbie) Alkhalil is in jail in Greece where extradition proceedings are underway to bring him to Canada to face first degree murder charges.

He is alleged to have ordered the execution of rival gang leader Sandip Duhre in the lobby of the Sheraton Wall Centre in January 2012.

And Robbie has been charged in the June 2012 murder of Johnnie Raposo in Toronto Little Italy. Hells Angel Larry Amero and several others. gangsters like Independent Soldier James Riach, who was arrested earlier this month in the Philippines on drug smuggling charges.

The Alkhalil family lived for years on the Lower Mainland, where two of the five brothers were killed in gangland shootings in 2001 and 2003.

The oldest brother, Nabil, was convicted of trafficking cocaine in Ontario in 2005. When he was stopped by police, Terry Alkhalil was with him.

Nabil was ordered deported from Canada but had not been forced to leave as he was deemed a stateless person.

However he left on his own and was recently deported from Colombia after arriving with a false passport. His current location is not known.

The Alkhalil family came to Canada from Saudi Arabia in 1990 and made a r nike air max 2015 efugee claim. They settled in Surrey, but relocated to the Ottawa area after two brothers were murdered

Khalil, just 19, was shot to death in Surrey in 2001 and Mamoud, also 19 at the time, was killed in the infamous Loft Six nightclub shooting in downtown Vancouver in August 2003. No charges have been laid in either death.
nike air max 2015

Sgt. and beyond.

“Their name has long been associated with power and influence in that criminal underworld,” Houghton said. are so mobile and just becau nike air max 2015 se they might leave British Columbia, doesn’t mean they don’t maintain these transnational, even international, criminal business connections.”

The Wolf Pack coalition still exists, despite gangsters linked to it being killed or imprisoned in recent years, Houghton said. gangster Barry Espadilla was arrested in the Philippines earlier this month, he was wearing a cap with the wolf symbol on it.

“These alliances of people from different core groups have come together and some are dead and some are in jail and some are whatever,” he said. “It still does exist.”

I not proud of my past, it was a couple life times ago. My economic situation sent me to go play with the and dealers in kindergarten before they entered that life style. My Guardian received a notice of phone tap from RCMP intelligence before I could legally drive. I watched many friends get killed by gun, knife, sword and machete. When an friend of mine got bumped up from youth to adult court and was looking at three life sentences for the amount of 4 he sold to RCMP, I knew it was time to get out. But how?

I sold my stakes to a guy and moved away cutting my self off from my former community. But what people don tell you is what happens next, the Depression. The survivors guilt, PTSD and anxiety. I walked on the edge with my buddies, while some of them went over, I remained intact with cracks through my soul.

I had to forgive myself for the terrible acts we committed and move on with my life. When the ghosts of regrets past pays a visit, I cringe at the sick animal I was. The karmatic penalties still being paid, X amount of years later with future payments I sure. If you live by the sword you die by the sword. Why not live for love and peace and experience all the great things that come with it, instead of a bullet or a beating.